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Don’t You Just Hate it..

I just kinda winged it. I revised for like, an hour, in a whole 2 month preparation period, surrendering my ‘studying time’ to the call of Netflix.

hey. long time no see, haven’t been on this site in a while.

Truthfully it’s because I’ve been too busy with YouTube and life stuff and the fucking revision my school insist on ramming down my neck- but you know, I’m okay with it. To be honest, I don’t know what to write here. I didn’t want to launch into random crap when I haven’t even done a first post yet, or introduced myself or done anything remotely related to blogging in the past 2 years, so here we have this.

I had a blog, which is now deleted, talking about random stuff that happened in my life (that was around the period of August, 2016/17) and it was way more light spirited and innocent than this one may end up being. I wrote about stuff like my family trip to Portugal and my random antics with my weirdo friends, and I now wish I had that to look back on (and laugh at my extremely poor and inexperienced writing skills) and I’m kicking myself for deleting the site.

Imma try and be more positive now.

I got some really annoying exams casting a dark shadow over everything looming closer and closer until- oh shiz it’s here. Last time, with the end-of-years, I just kinda winged it. I revised for like, an hour, in a whole 2 month preparation period, surrendering my ‘studying time’ to the call of Netflix. I’m still to this day not sorry for that because I did okay anyway, not the most flattering results but nothing absolutely shockingly horrendous. See, I’ve grown. I can use for at least 10 minutes now. (Look at me go, are you proud of me mother?)

I say screw people who say studying online isn’t “real studying.” Barely anything you do is considered “real studying” alright, cut us 2019 tech obsessed little freaks some slack. It’s not a “lazy way,” it’s an easier way that is better suited to people who don’t want to pull all nighters staring at a book. Why do they think these tools are created? For students to prat about? Stupid.

My desk is always an absolute mess, pens, random pieces of paper normally covered in ink from a stray leaky pen, sketchpads and things I don’t use- and of course that one cup of coffee is always chilling somewhere around the desk. I work sitting on the bed (if I do any work at all on that day) because my desk is pretty much a biohazard to any laptop that dares to be placed on it. Gotta hate that studying, amiright?


just your average depressed person.

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